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Thread: Run Dos Command Help

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    I know this is (probably) very basic,

    I d'loaded an activation crack for Winxp home(Written by Angel1610) and it says to run a .bat file in cmd.

    I know how to open the command window, but how do i navigate to the bat file and run it?

    It comes up c:\Documents and settings\user>

    now what?

    help please!

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    You may want to run your antivirus to make sure it is not part of malicous software.

    Go to the Run dialog, into the directory where the .bat file is and run it.

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    a .bat or batch file is just a script file you can open it up in notepad and check the contents if you like.

    just get to a command prompt and navigate to the the file location and type out the name of the bat it will execute the script.

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    Thanks all for your help!


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