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Thread: What Are The Best Firefox Extensions?

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    Which are the best Firefox plugins/extensions (which ones should EVERYBODY have)?
    Is firefox able to resume downloads, and use multiple sources or shall i get an additional download accelerator like flashget (could you recommend the best 1 to get)?


    (i know i have posted this in the wrong area but couldn't think where to post it)

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    it doesn't alllow you to download form multiple sources. you can pause resume, but if u close teh browser it deletes teh download....

    you need an extension called DownloadWith to be able to use programs like net transport, DAP, flashget, etc.

    the other extension I have is Adblock. it removes most ad banners, but when it leaves behind some you can just right click the banner and click block. You can also choose to block stuff liek peoples sigs, others pics like that.

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    Tabbrowser extension
    IE View
    Clone Window

    Optimoz tweaks could have been great but too glitchy

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    Right here
    All-in-one Gestures <-- absolutely neccessary
    Dictionary search
    text/plain <-- incredibly useful

    I also love the Webdeveloper toolbar, but it isn&#39;t really helpful to everyone except web developers.
    A couple other ones I think are kinda neat are Autohide, Clear HTTP auth, Superscroll, Live HTTP headers, and the Referer toolbar.
    Kazaa Corruption Fixer --> Fix any corrupted CD image, archive, or video file you've downloaded with Kazaa.

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    IE view
    Paste quote
    Paste & Go
    Text links
    x (Paranoia)
    Statusbar Clock
    Dictionary search

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    I currently use:

    downloadwith (to use with net transport

    Popup ALT Attributes to show ALT text as tool tips.

    User Agent Switcher Extension


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