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Thread: Need To Make Tables For Picture!

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    kazaaman's Avatar Proud Indian
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    Dec 2002
    My image is here.

    I need to make tables to fit the My beatz, Software, Tricked out shiz and etc. I want that to be the navigational bar.

    I know a little bit about tables but plz i need help.

    I dont know how to make specific tables in one full pic.


    Whole pic width:800 height: 125

    Home width:143 height: 21

    Ma beatz width:177 height:24

    Tricked out width:214 height:21

    Software width:185 height:20

    Linkz width: 138 height:20

    Plz i need help doing this. U dont have to give me the direct html code. Just tell me what to do. I'll probably be able to do it. I need sumwhere to starts

    CHEERS. post ma website after its done ty

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    static hum
    did this ever get answered? and why does your link go back to this thread?

    this post is guaranteed 100% parrot-free

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    Its how his/her image host redirects on 404
    Don't visit ever!

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    orcutt989's Avatar Blargh
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    Dec 2003
    It just keeps redirecting me to this thread. What image is it???


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