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Thread: Please Help Me Out!

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    I am looking for a file-sharing program that has a lot of songs like KaZaa-Lite but does NOT contain those RIAA hacked files.

    I keep hearing about Imesh, eDonkey, etc, which one is comparable to Kazaa?

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    soulseek is the best for music although their network sux a bit

    i actualy use mirc for full albums mate
    there are thousands of full albums and a fair few singles on mirc

    check the mirc section out on this forum if you are interested

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    LimeWire Pro is great, no fake files, faster downloads than Kazaa, and has software, pr0n, etc...But yes, for full albums, I'd use IRC.

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    soulseek is good for albums and clean blubster work very well for me, so far i got no fakes

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    SoulSeek does have good users and has been a good place for getting albums but I have a hard time recommending it with all the bugs the developer has created the past 6 months or so. It seems like a new test version is introduced every couple of weeks which adds some new feature but fails to work on the bugs that the previous tests exposed. Not many users are on the same page b/c of this anymore. Everyone is using a different version getting frustrated. I have a feeling that SoulSeek is going to experience the same decline soon that FT has experienced this past year.

    It's not dead yet however. You can definitely find your albums, but I recommend you opt for 1.5.2 - steer clear of the test versions.
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