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Thread: Everyone's Favorite, Waldo Games!

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    Hey guys, I know this might sound a bit immature, but does anyone here play or read any of the waldo games? I do. They're pretty fun. The only thing I don't like is that the picture's are so big, and he's so small, but it's still fun. Lately I've been looking at some Waldo games online, pretty good. I'm always up for a challenge. I one of his latest online games, you have to find where waldo is. Your timed, only 60 seconds to do it though. The picture changes each time, so you always are challenged. My personal best is 20 seconds on one. Hey, why don't you guys give it a try? He's the link to one of the Waldo games online. you have to do is search for waldo, and when you find him, click on him. Here's a hint, turn on your speakers, and after some time has gone, you'll hear some sound clues as to where he is. Enjoy!

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    damn this has been outplayed
    *Removed for being gay

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    Good one, I ALMOST fell for it, lol. Actually, no, i wasn't even close to trying. sorry.

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    i just got a black screen and closed it. did i fall for it?

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    I fell for the sig...

    Error 404: Page Not Found
    Don't visit ever!


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