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Thread: Old Kaz'er Says-horrible!

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    Liked Kazaa a few yrs. ago. Getting old favorites was like pickin' apples off a tree and just as fast. Been away from the P2P scene-bought a big fast new 'puter and thought I'd try K-Lite K++. Man..I can't believe you people can deal with these horrible download speeds! I've read the threads & help section & I think I've checked all the easy stuff....maybe my IP (comcast cable) has a block on usage. If anybody can help an old bird I'd be thankful. Think iTunes is callin'!

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    eMule rules

    My stats:
    0.8 TeraByte downloaded
    0.7 TeraByte uploaded

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    Unfortunately, Kazaa Lite development was shut down last November (if my sense of time still works ). Then again, KL++ was/is based on an aging P2P network so there's no surprise there.

    If you still wish to get some decent stuff, you may wish to try eMule for software/movies and Soulseek for music. There's also BitTorrent for fast download speeds. eMule and BT are discussed in the different subforums of the Filesharing forums, which Soulseek is discussed in its subforum in Musicworld

    Hope that helps an ex-retired P2Per

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    Also DC++ is pretty good.

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    Thanks for the "wake-up"&#33; Guess I&#39;m outta&#39; touch. I&#39;ll check out those other P2P&#39;s-then again..........maybe I&#39;ll be cool for another couple of years. Peace

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    Sad to see you leave K-Lite completely. What speeds were you actually getting?

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    I very seldom see anything faster than 10Kb. You&#39;d think with a high speed ISP and a new uncluttered computer things would be swifter. Unless I&#39;ve stupidly done something terribly wrong(clean install-following on screen instructions to the "T") Thanks for your interest & if anyone has some suggestions to help me speed things up I&#39;m all ears. Yes, I share. Thank Again

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    I still get good speeds on the FT network when I used K++. I have moved to other applications though. I would say read up on other applications as well as some do have certain bad points (alot of people seemed to have been picked up sharing and downloading files on Bit Torrent for example). It also seems that alot depends on how your setup as so many people have different experiences with different applications.

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    i use KLR(klite ressurection) MAYBE 3 times a month...ares is much better never had a fake,fast speeds...cant go wrong

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    Thanks people. Even if my download speed seems slow this forum isn&#39;t-nice helpful "peeps"&#33; You all are all right in my book&#33;&#33;


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