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Thread: Klite 2.1.0 And Kpp 2.0.3v Doesn't Work Anymore?

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    Hello guys
    I need this older version so I can download my "stuff" and hide the system tray Icon so that my brother does not find out that it is running.
    but I don't understand why it does not work now.. I reformatted the computer then installed that ver anf it doesn not connect although it used to work fine before.
    Any Ideas??

    Ps i have disabled my firewall..

    Thanks for your replies

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    Try this version. It's KLite Tools and you can find it /f/index.php?act=idx]here. YOu'll have to register at the forum in question, but KLIte tools has a hot key you can use to hide the prog. I use it when wifey comes in so whe won't catch me downloading pron

    Later taters,

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