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Thread: Best Digital Camera For $150 Or Less?

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    thanks with any help or links to current deals out there.

    My preference is a small pocket friendly camera over, resolution.

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    This one does the job, Fuji Q1 1.92 megapixels

    you also need to buyt a memory card, in this case an xD-picture card, with whatever camera you buy so that would take the whole package up to around 100
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    You can get a digital camera for 11 bucks.

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    The other computer here has a firewire port and I fiddle with the digital camcorder from time to time, but I never was too interested in them.

    I bought a digital camera/webcam from Office Max once and it cose me $16 bucks with $5 rebate. It had usb cable that you could use to download the pics from the camera and also use the webcam on it. It was really cheap piece of equipment but it got the job done. No sense paying a lot of dough for something you may hardly ever use. It's broken now but I still have the driver disk and it was called an "iconcepts" or something like that.

    Oh and also the one I had was really small, it had a pin clip so you could wear it like a pen. So try to get a really small one...............less bulk less hassle.

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    Must get atleast 256ram memory card with it + Xtra battery


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