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Thread: Msn Messenger Help!

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    I have the latest version of msn messenger on my computer but whenever i try and send any files to my friends it freezes and msn shuts down. it's been doing it on the last few versions i had but it hasn't always done it.

    Any Help? :helpsmile:

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    try removing all versions of msn messenger first, then reboot, and then install the latest version which is 6.2 i believe.

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    i'll give it a go

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    nope still doesn't work ne other suggestions :helpsmile:

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    go back to 6.1
    I did, but not because it didn't work...but the plugins I like are for 6.1
    it was kinda difficult to find, but google should work for you.

    If you can't get it, PM me & I'll email it to you.

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