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Thread: I Really Need Help!

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    I installed the latest K-lite Mega Codecs Pack and then uninstalled it the right way and the uninstaller only removes "the program" so to speak....while all the codecs are still left in c:>windows>system 32. The only problem with this is that i have a hard time to identify which files in the folder "system 32" belongs to K-lite so i can manually remove them and maybe those files are not the only ones left by the uninstaller....i actually donīt know. Thatīs why i would really apreciate if somebody could give me a list with all the files made by K-lite mega codecs pack at install and the destination where i can find them.....if nobody helps me this would be the third time i have to reformat my harddrive due to "codecs problems", AND THAT WOULD REALLY SUCK! :'(

    Yours sincerely / Dave

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    Reinstall the same K-Lite Mega Codec Pack version again and then remove it normally. You could also monitor the installation to see which files are put into certain folders.
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    i did that and it still only removes "the program" so to speak.....while all the codecs are still left in the "system 32" folder and maybe somewhere else too.....i really need some kind of install log to deal with this problem And monitoring the install is very hard since everything happens so quick...... :helpsmile:

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    As long as it unregisters the codecs it doesn't really matter if the files are still there. They won't be used.

    Have you tried booting Windows into safe-mode?

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    The real problem is that it doesnīt unregister the codecs after uninstall....they still work after that.....and what does that thing with safe mode help me with.....i mean i donīt have problems running xp only that the codecs wonīt unregister


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