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Thread: Cant View My D'load

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    Hi ,iv'e looked around a bit in this forum and i cant find anywhere that seems to address my issue. After d'lding a movie rar file using mirc 6.15 , i d'lded winrar 3.40 beta 1 and used it to extract the files and what i got was a folder with about 12 PAR 2 files and no way to really view them
    what did i miss ?...Can anybody please help ? :helpsmile:

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    So what your saying is theres 12 [.par] files in the rar you downloaded. Well all you have to do is extraxt all those files to somewhere maybe your desktop for exapmple then open up the very first .par ffile they should numbers like 00,01,02 ect then it should pop up with the bin and cue,extract that and your good to go.

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    yeah, double click the file, and when the "cannot open file" window pops up click "select a program from the list" and select winrar, then open the first file. ONLY THE FIRST ONE. and make it extract its content onto the dektop, it will automaticlly extract the erst theryre too and they will combine into a .bin and .cue file for you B)

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    You downloaded the wrong file. PAR files are Parity files. They are used if you have a set of RAR's and one or two of them are corrupt. You can then use the PAR files to recreate the missing/corrupt RAR's.


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