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Thread: What's Happening With This?

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    I have a little problem that I don’t understand at all. My brother has a laptop, a dell with win 2000 and a DSL. Everytime he goes online, or as its DSL whenever the line is plugged in the computer shuts down and re-boots. He gets an error saying that lsass.exe is shutting down or re-starting the system and a countdown. Anyone have an idea what this could be. A virus, scumware or perhaps a problem with his net provider?

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    tesco's Avatar FST Programmer
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    It's the blaster worm...i think.

    Run a virus scan.

    Next time his computer wants to shutdown, quickly go start>run>type 'shutdown -a'.
    This stops it from shutting down.

    Now go to and download all the patches, then reboot system and do another virus scan.

    NOD32 is a rgeat antivirus.

    and in teh future, the computer should be running a firewall to prevent stuff like this.

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    if it turns out not to be the MS blaster it may possibly be a trojan, if so go to

    and search for Trojan Guarder
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    Whats the best way/program to fix the blaster? Thanks everyone.

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    to fix it jus get the security patch from MS (Blaster Fix Link)

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    I don't think it's the blaster worm. sounds more like the sasser worm to me (targetting the lsass.exe windows vulnerability)

    here is the fix

    umm just in case run the app in the ^ link, as well as downloading the patches rossco recommended
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