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Thread: Watch Dvd's On Pc

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    Keeping in mind that my tech knowledge is ZERO, how can I watch a DVD on my PC? Thought that since I can play burned audio CD's with RealPlayer or Windows Media Player it would be the same thing, but apparently not. Is there a free download that will allow me to watch?

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    You need a DVD-ROM (DVD player) to play any DVDs. A DVD-ROM will also perform as a CD-ROM. (CD-ROM will not playback a DVD)

    That's the hardware you will need. Next you will need DVD software to control/play your DVDs.
    I use PowerDVD software for playback but I'm sure others will post their favorite software titles.

    That's it in a nutshell.


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    Windows Media Player should play the Dvd Movie. If it doesn't automatically open in Windows Media Player, open Windows Media Player and then click file, open, and choose the drive letter that your dvd is in.
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    If You've a GFX card with TV-in/out You can connect to Your TV via a cable and watch it that way....if You've a regular DVD player that's.

    Eummm yeah I think that's how it works



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