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Thread: Really Stupid Beginner!

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    Hi all,
    I am the new kid in town and need some help.
    My shared folder only contains my domnloaded tracks but my media player has a huge amount of great stuff how the fuck to I open these tracks to all my fellow sharers. I really want to share my stuff but know very little about computer procedeures( and spelling)
    Any and all help very welcome but PLEASE keep it simple.

    Thank you,

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    It soundl like Kazaa???? if so.......any file(s) that are actually IN your shared folder, should be accessable to others...
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    Simple: Just put all the files you want to share in your shared folder.
    That's all. B)


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    If you're running kazaa, click on hte "My Kazaalite" button, then click on the button with a picture of a folder on it (next to the more info button). Click on the button next to the text "Folder list" , navigate and select the directories(folders) where your music is stored (NB all files in those directories and all subdirectories will be shared, so do not share your entire C: drive! )


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