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Thread: Mp3's

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    I downloaded the same song three times and windows media player 9 wouldn't play it. It just sounded like a bunch of air. I can play other mp3's from a disk but the newly downloaded ones wont play.

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    It sounds like a bunch of air,so WMP9 is playing it,right?

    So,the mp3 you downloaded is most likely a fake.
    Try Soulseek for dl'ing music.No fakes and all the music you can think of is on there B)

    Also,try Winamp as your mediaplayer.
    It's much better than WMP and you get free InternetTV and -Radio.


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    There are a bunch of bunk files being passed around out there lately. I especially like it when they fast forward the song about 2/3 of the way thru it.

    folks ike the RIAA make em.......P2P shares them........and the F@#%$ morons who downloadthe bad files keep them in their shared folder to further spread the crap throughout the networks.

    If you get a bad file..DONT SHARE IT.......DELETE IT

    We have to police ourselves in this regard.

    remember.....sharing is caring.
    Protect me from what I want!

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    People are plain lazy. Please use the search button, and just use your brain if you dont know what to search for if you dont know the term "fake files". Go to google>type in "mp3 shield" and then download, and run during mp3 downloads.

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    It's gotten so bad lately, I DL the entire search collection and just hope one of the 50 files is good.

    Some how files are getting hidden on the hard drive, and I can't find them to delete the files. The MP3 program will find the bad songs, but I can't find them. Even turned off the hidden file feature. Had one file name that had null character at the beginning of the file name, forcing the file to the end directory.

    Going to wander over to soulseek in the next few weeks and see if I can learn another new program


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