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Thread: Very Important! Question About Admuncher

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    May 2003
    Not sure if I can talk about this here but I'll give it a try.....

    A friend of mine called me earlier and said that she just got a pop up from Admuncer saying she is using an illegal key and that they have logged the time and IP address. ...And of course the warning about prison & fines.

    My question worried should I be about this? Should I try to wipe all data left by Admuncher off of the computer or just get a new crack and not worry about it?

    Except for the OS all my software is pirated and I have never seen nor heard of anyone else getting a message like that.

    edit: Actually I'm wrong. I got a message about an illegal key once with Nero and I just entered a new one and it was fine.

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    Nothing at all to worry about, but you do need to download the latest version which includes a patch which stops it phoning home

    everything you need is here

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    May 2003
    Just ignore the warning...that's what I did. ...but yeah. get the patch etc.


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