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Thread: K-lite Won't Search. Help Please.

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    Hi guys, have what I hope is a simple query.

    Iv'e used K-lite before but recently needed to format my drive and re-install everything.

    Iv'e installed K-lite and everything seems fine, except, it won't let me search for anything, the search button is faded out. It says i'm connected and Iv'e tried disconnecting and reconnecting but it does nothing. Iv'e fiddled with the settings but nothing seems to work. I seem to remeber having this problem before and fixing it last time i installed, but I must have lost a few braincells since then and can't think how I did it.

    Cheers guys.

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    Strange, maybe it's saying connecting ? Anyway, try installing K-Lite 2.6 RC22 it might solve your problem. Use my sig to get it.


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