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Thread: Download Whole Cd's

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    Can i download whole cd's using kazza or do i have to use another progam, also once i download them can i easly break it up into each song...

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    don't think so, try using SoulSeek its great for whole albums or Limewire

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    well, ur going to want to download archives (zip, rar) and cd images (iso) if you want to get full cds. And kazaa isnt that great to do that. I would say emule. At least thats what i use.
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    Hi singha

    You can download whole cd's using Kazaa.

    Search for "albumwrap". Then You can use the program AlbumWrap Extractor (freeware) to split the CD You have downloaded into separate songs.


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    i've downloaded xxxx's of whole cd's on kazaa and klite and no nothing need to play them but a file player. Breaking them up takes some work but its like he said above me. The songs usually come all time spaced and everything why would you want to break it up you can burn it like it is. you could download individual titles quicker, When you download whole cd's it can take a long time most users hold songs but not exactly the whole cd. so there might be only 5 ppl on the whole network with the full cd but 5000 with all the tracks in individual files.
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