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Thread: Kazaa Lite Total Crash !

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    Having major problems with Kazaa Lite. I am running XP...Pentium 4 with plenty of memory & hard disc space. I have used various versions of Kazaa Lite & I keep running into the same problem. When I am downloading at random...the whole computer will shut down & when I go back to Kazaa I have lost anything I was downloading at the time. I am running PC Cillin with its own Firewall...that's it !!!...

    I am on Broadband...& the only time I have this " Total Crash " problem is when I am using KAZAA LITE....Can someone please advise & answer some questions here....I am getting very pissed off !!!!!


    :helpsmile: :helpsmile:

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    Which Klite version? if you ask me theres only 1, ver.2.4.3. Try running it without all your firewalls and stuff and see if it crashes, if its a good copy of the prog. and a good version, it will not crash. Also check yourself for viruses. a good virus prog is ok but ive seen the best miss a few others don't. Virus protection needs to be done by several progs. don't just depend on one.
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    Thanks for your reply. I am using Version 2.4.3. I haven't tried turning the firewall part of PC Cillin off...& I guess I could try that...but then you leave yourself open to anything. ???

    The other day...I had nothing downloading & was about to do a search & once again....Kazaa turned itself OFF....I have scanned my PC with 2 other Anti Virus programs apart from PC Cillin......& I have come up all clear each time.

    I am at a !!!!!!!


    Many Thanks

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    umm...u might try with otehr good programs like the KazaaLiteK++ 2.4.5

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    Originally posted by MasterofChaos@6 July 2004 - 02:40
    umm...u might try with otehr good programs like the KazaaLiteK++ 2.4.5
    I have the same problem he does, EVERY kazaa program seems to crash, except on my computer the program crashes right when i start it up.


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