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Thread: Lisence Aquisition~ My Nighmares! Help!

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    First of all hi! I'm be gentle as possible.

    So i started downloading some... *ahem* bad movies that arent fit for children. But i keep getting this window that seems to be a KL window saying Lisence Aquisition and then another window pops up from the possible root-site that the file came from. Is there something wrong with my computer?

    Another problem (i am so problematic! why dont you just kill me, it would be faster..). My Windows Media player is acting up. So i downloaded Real Player and that sucks! Its so slow at burning and copying CDs.

    So please i need some help! Is anyone else having these problems with video files? Or is there a parental lock (even though im 19...this shouldnt be&#33?

    Thanks for all yesser help!


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    I think license aquisition topics are the new screeching mp3's...........

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    Yeah, im getting alot of screeching Mp3s too. So is it the file im downloading thats at fault or is there something up with my PC?


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    The license acquisition will probably be from the site which it was downloaded from (or its source). With sites its a way of making you keep paying (you pay for a password to access that site, you can download files from that site but need a valid password to view them). A way to avoid this is to steer clear of .wmv and .wma files.

    As for windows media player, try Winamp for music and Video Lan for movies and stuff. Also try a burning program like Nero instead of windows media player / Real Player

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    Just download the mp3/mpg/avi version of the file you want.

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    on something.
    In some cases the license can be free.

    But when you dl it it comes with complimentary spy-/adware.

    Just avoid them altogether.

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    its the type of file you are downloading, they now have protection. its best to stick with mp3 for music and avi for video.
    blah blah blah... whatever...

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    liscence acquisitions is something that windows media player does. so those messages are probably popping up cause Kazaa uses windows media player internally to play media files.

    and dont ever down anything from Real. (Real player, real jukebox etc etc) cause its crap and it takes over your computer

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    And since you've downloaded realpalyer and such, it might be wise install Adaware and/or Spybot S&D to scan and remove spy/adware. If you've never run a spyware removal program before, you'll be quite surprised by how much ad/spyware is on your computer...

    ~Digital Nirvana


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