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Thread: I Keep Getting Yellow Lights!

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    I am using Azureus, and I am just keeping getting yellow lights. That means that im behind a firewall or haven't opened the ports.

    But I don't have any firewall and I have opened the ports 6881. I disabled the windows firewall.

    This is very irritating, because im just getting low speeds!

    Could someone help me?

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    Hi, have you got a router? You may have to forward the ports on your router.
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    Yes, I have a router. And you can see in my first post in this thread that I opened ports 6881.

    But I change the ports to 6883, and opened port 6883 intead of 6881. And I have green lights now! That means that everything works fine!

    But it's weird that it worked fine when I changed the ports. When I just installed Azureus and had opened port 6881, everything worked fine. But after a while it became yellow lights.

    So maybe I just have to change the ports Azureus is using after a week to 6884 or something...

    Weird, but now im getting good speeds!

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    I have heard of some isps blocking certain ports that are used for p2p programmes

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    I would suggest you change your port in A.Z. to some other port like 49152 - 65535 . Use only 1 port, thats all A.Z. needs.
    Foward that port to your router...
    Stop all torrents then close A.Z. for arround 5 min.
    Open A.Z., Go to file , configuration wizard, Click next, Click next, Check your settings, Click next, under nat server make sure your port that you picked and fowarded to your router is the same listed in that box. Click test. If the port is already in use pick another port and repeat the steps.
    Restart your torrents and see what HAPPENS...

    Everthing should work fine....

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    I'm suffering from the same problem, tried loads of different ports but to no avail. Overdox, have you had any luck??

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    same here.

    ive tried everything and nothing seems to work.

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    It says NAT error every time i test a port.

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    open up ports, - check

    uninstall ur client and reinstall - change port value to reflect the port forwarded
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    I&#39;ve opened my ports, the NAT Port Test says its okay. Ive also done what it says on this page:

    No luck tho, still a yellow smilie

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