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Thread: Burning Dvd's From .avi Format?

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    Does anyone have any helpful advice on how to convert and burn the movies that I have downloaded from Kazaa to a DVD which are currently in .avi format? I am using Nero v. 6x and I am unable to drag the avi files into the proper location to burn. I have installed WinMpg but it is moving at a snails pace. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    I'm pretty sure this is in the wrong place, and there IS a guide in movieworld last I checked. It's the mpeg to dvd-r one (it'll also have info on how to convert avi to mpeg). You also need a dvd authoring program to even begin doing this.

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    u need to convert the avi file into an mpeg2 file then if u want convert it to vobs (dvd files) is a link for a great guide

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    Thanks for the info. It is a good start. Hopefully things will go smoothly!



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