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Thread: Cant Connect To Kazaa!

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    I just got a DSL modem about a week ago... I used to have cable and Kazaa worked fine. Im guessing the DSL blocks illegal mp3 filesharing or something but it wont even let me download music from the sites where you have to pay. In the prefrences of any p2p filesharing programs i try to download...the port numbers are all screwed up. It will say i am connecting through port 66826 and there are not that many ports on a computer. :helpsmile: I really want to find out how to get something to work...its stressing me out!! plz help me

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    It doesn't sound like it's to do with your ISP.
    Sounds more like a program you may have added lately, perhapes a firewall. Maybe you have even reactivated XP's built in firewall again.

    By the way. Look up what ports are, I can assure you that you have 66826 on your computer. However, I don't know off-hand which Kazaa uses.


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