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Thread: Can't Connect

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    I love Kazaa Lite, I've been using it for probably almost a year now, but I recently had to restore my comp, so I backed everything up onto a disc, and re-installed Kazaa Lite. Now I can't connect. I've tried everything, i've done port scans with about 5 different programs, and NOTHING is wrong with Port 1214. I've tried changing the port number like it says in the help file, but nothing seems to work, what should I do?

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    try updating your node list from the instructions in this topic

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    Thanks, tried both, first one didn't work, second one did, so thanks VERY much!

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    I came across this subject and would like to ask a stupid question. I have had the same problem as d1rrtyDEK had and need some help. Nowever, I am unfamiliar with how to put the node list into text and into a file, let alone put it into the reg. I have never dealt with that before. :helpsmile:


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