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Thread: Kazaa - Help, I'm Confused!

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    Hi i'm new, so please excuse me if these are stupid questions!!!

    I've been using a version of kazaalite, and was very impressed, but i became fed up with all the adware, spyware and pop-ups it was installing. So i decided to upgrade. I went to and downloaded kazaa plus at a cost of $29.95. I thought no more of it until it wouldn't connect, and 6 messages to customer support and one week later i haven't heard anything.

    I attempted a variety of things to correct the problem but nothing worked and kazaa still wouldn't connect.

    So i've been looking for new software to download and there are some many choices i'm confused. i'm not sure which are authentic, or which is the best one to choose, or even where to download it from.

    I'm also concerned having read several posts on this site as to the legality of kazaa and file sharing.

    If anyone can offer me any help or advice i would greatly appreciate it before i lose anymore money.


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    Since you already have Kazaa installed get and install Diet K over Kazaa it will remove all the ad-ware/spy-ware

    You may also need to update your Supernode list as explained here

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    Thanks, but i've already uninstalled all my kazaa programs and all related ad/spyware when i reached my breaking point with it all yesterday!!

    So, do you know where i can download the latest authentic version of kazaa, and i'll definetly get k-diet.

    Thanks again


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