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Thread: Split Rar's

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    I downloaded Come.See.Me.Tonight-FASiSO from bittorrent a while back but have not been able to get the image file. The folder is filled with eg. fas-csmt.rar and fas-csmt.r01 to fas-csmt.r18

    I guess for some reason the fragments did not combine when download completed. Is it possible to recombine these so I can install the program?

    thanks N1

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    open the first file and extract

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    Tried that with fas-csmt.r00 fas-csmt.r01 and fas-csmt.rar winrar still says:

    ! G:\Software\Come.See.Me.Tonight-FASiSO\fas-csmt.rar: Unknown method in fas-csmt.bin
    ! G:\Software\Come.See.Me.Tonight-FASiSO\fas-csmt.r00: You need to start extraction from a previous volume to unpack fas-csmt.bin
    ...blah blah blah

    is it corrupted? any other ideas?

    thanks for help


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