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Thread: Looking For ( Virtuosity )movie Of Russell Crowe

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    hi guyz i am looking for (Virtuosity ) movie of Russell Crowe

    I search thruoght all P2P programs but I could not find it can anyone help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :helpsmile: :helpsmile:

    where can I find it ??

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    Try up2dat

    Otherwise...change app


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    You might have a bit of trouble because that film is pure crap Emule is probably your best bet, if you can't find it there after repeated searching (on different days) and maybe a couple of server jumps then u might be screwed.

    Just had a look on emule and i think you're in luck.

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    can u tell me how to use Emule

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    Theres a section of this board where you can find out about it and the main website has a noob guide and lots of helpful stuff to get you on your way

    Main Emule page

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    They were showing it this morning on USA . I actually enjoyed this movie. Russell Crowe is a good psycho

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    I have it on video, hope that helps


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