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Thread: Problems Deleting Matrixreloaded.avi Off My Comp.

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    When I try deleting matrixreloaded.avi off my computer,it says it can't because it's being used by another program.
    I've tried restarting my computer but still can't delete the file.
    What can I do?
    Are there any programs I can use to delete such files?

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    Aug 2003
    how big is the file? its probably matrixreloadedAVI.exe or soemthing virusy but ya to delete it just start your computer in safe mode and then delete it.
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    I got the file off suprnova a couple of weeks ago.
    The problem is that the movie is in french.
    The movie plays perfectly.
    I just can't delete it off my computer.

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    Try deleting it from safemode.

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    Aug 2003
    i know there is a glitch with this in avi file sin windows xp. just can't remember where to get the patch.

    try start>run>cmd
    then type "del drive:\folder\file.fileextension

    see if that works. (replace drive with ur drive letter, replace folder with folder names, and file replaces with the file name, fileextension is teh file extension (avi))

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    Search for AVIFIX on google.


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    Originally posted by [B
    [O][T],26 July 2004 - 01:31]Search for AVIFIX on google.

    Or even simpler: use BOT's post in this topic

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    I got rid of it in safemode!
    There is an other file though (cm0304 patch 4-1-5) I can't delete even in safemode.
    Itīs a pain in the a**!


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