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Thread: Disk Defragment

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    I was wondering, since there is practically programs to do everything nowadays... But I was just curious on what is a good, efficient, reliable program that "Defragments" your computer? Because I heard that the default "Disk Defragment" that comes with your computer doens't really get the job done, well it does but slow!!!, and after reading a few things here and there I heard there are programs taht can do what the Default Disk Defragment does but more quickly and efficiently... But I don't know what they are, any suggetsions?

    Credits to ChuNaku,Kazearashi,Kennethzzz,Kiyocchi,S4ku,Tanakachi and Tubster68:

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    Diskeeper is one of the best

    Download link

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    Originally posted by AndrewBarker@29 July 2004 - 16:27
    Diskeeper is one of the best

    Download link
    Only one I use, but o and o defrag is pretty good too.


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