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Thread: Any Norton Ghost Experts?

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    When I make an image of my hard drive and save to file using Ghost 2003, it says it is successful. I verify the image taken and it says ok.

    However, when restore the image to the Hard Disk, it says "Image restored with ERRORS"
    Any ideas why this should be please?

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    does it give any more information at all?
    sometimes, when ghosting disk to disk, I've had it complain about file system errors, though everything is okay with the restored image and it all works fine.

    These problems can probably be avoided by a chkdsk and defrag prior to ghosting the source drive.

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    who me?
    i use ghost 2003, and i havent seen any errors.

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    make sure ur going to partition and not "to disk"
    also u gotta do it in dos using that bootable floppy (or if u put it to cd the cd is bootable).

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    I always get the message about possible errors when I clone partitions and so far ( knock on PCB) it's never been a problem...the clones all work fine.
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