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Thread: Some Disks Won`t Play ?

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    2 DVD Players , The first a JVC cost approx 150 ,the second a panasonic again cost approx 150,
    both play

    The JVC won`t play a copy of the film equilibriam and the panasonic will.
    the film is from a bin file....

    Anybody have any idears!!!

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    Could it be that it is not cdr - cdrw compatible.........if it does not list as being compatible with them, that may very well be the case??
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    This certainly sounds like a classic compatability issue.
    This site has some useful info...

    EDIT - Site Link

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    Thanks harrycary ,tried a few tips from the site but still no good
    eg re-setting the dvd...
    The dvd player will play these disks cus i recorded some music
    videos and they worked fine.......Strange

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    I have the same problem !
    Some of my dvd's will not be recognised in my machine.
    Tried a few friends and they work fine.
    Also some of theirs work in mine.
    "scratches head"
    I think some media do not like my dvd dive.

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    Oh, please...
    I've had this problem across the board; the only constant is home-rips are the ones giving problems. My wife's new in-car cd head won't play 'em, but my 7yr old Onkyo will. Same with DVDs, even on player/recorders with full capabilities.
    My only thought is maybe some sort of proprietary encoding/decoding/flagging problem; possibly the powers that be have succeeded in throwing this fly into the P2P ointment.
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