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Thread: Freeview Question

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    Sorry i dont no where i should put this, if its in the wrong place please move it!

    I was just looking at e-bay for freeview and i noticed some guy saying he will send u info on how to watch freeview free on your pc no box or tv card this real? can this be done?...if so how is it done? if you cant post it please PM me the info B)

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    tesco's Avatar FST Programmer
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    Aug 2003
    i don't think there is any way possible except through the internet somehow.
    probably a scam.

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    May 2003
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    My guess it it'd be an eBook of links to foreign TV stations which give live feeds out, The quality will be poor to say the least but you may get a few decent live sports feeds but to be honest anything on ebay like that I tend to stay clear off.
    I wasn't going to buy it in the first place, so me downloading it for free isn't losing them any money.

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    i reckon it would probably be possible with some extra software to do the job freeview boxes do to decode the analog signal. maybe the hardware in the freeviewboox does something a nomal tv card isn't capabe of though

    just buy a box theyre only 30 now anyway

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    I think he may be talking about this.

    If so, it is a scam like Kazzagold and similar, it is just a front end to Realplayer and Media Player.
    Political correctness is based on the principle that it's possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.

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    Thanks guys for the replys, just wanted to be sure B)


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