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Thread: AntiVirus

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    I was wondering... Is there a VirusScanner that doesn't take a lot of Memory to run in the background? Because mine glitches up and than my System Usage jumps to 100%.... It is called: Kaspersky Anti-Virus Pro.. it came with my copy of System Mechanic 5.0 ... I don't know if it is a Memory Leak or the Program just really does suck up memory.... =/

    (Before for about a month or two, it was fine... Just recently it been sucking up memory)
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    u can use nod32...very very lightweight with powerful engine
    or u can use Symantec Antivirus Corporation, also lightweight with powerful engine
    or u can use Kaspersky Antivirus Personal Edition, not as lightweight as those two but ten times better than the Pro version

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    I currently use Symantec Antivirus Corporate ATM

    The aesthetics are very poor, but it is a powerful AV and are you really gonna be watching the virus scan?


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