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Thread: KAV 5.0.156 is out

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    For those that are interested

    KAV 5.0.156 Personal is out

    Link Kaspersky 5.0..156 English

    whats improved ? -- Unknown by me.Try this for further Info

    Edited to provide links At the request of Storm

    Before someone asks

    It still works
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    crazy skiing monkey

    whats improved?

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    Version: 5.0.156 Release date: 07.10.2004


    1. JPEG-format files are now scanned in all operating modes.

    2. Adding new license key error has been fixed.

    Known problems:

    1. OAS can occur when suspicious or warning objects are placed manually to the quarantine. The disinfect dialog box for the quarantined object is displayed.

    2. There are some non-localized messages (only in English) in the MailChecker module.

    3. The application does not prompt for password when scanning protected archives placed to the quarantine by the user.

    4. The MailChecker component works incorrectly with the Magic Mail Monitor application if the mail is collected at startup: message headers cannot be downloaded from the mail server (improper use of the POP3 protocol by the Magic Mail Monitor application).

    I've got a link to the full version, PM me if you need it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iMartin
    [i]Version: 5.0.156 Release date: 07.10.2004
    I've got a link to the full version, PM me if you need it.
    I may already have the version, but I'll take you up on the link offer. Send via PM.
    "8-ball Corner Pocket"

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    I've got personal pro, which is better?(honest question)


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