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Thread: CS:S help

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    At first i'm not into css as its available in suprnova or anywhere else. since i dont like ppl that can play cs very well but sucks at anything else telling the others "I'm teh best".

    but then i realized that css only need one cd to burn with. so why not give it a chance? then i really get into in this game. the marvelous source engine opened up my eyes. well, lets get to the point.

    When i open up my css (the shortcut to cstrike.exe), it will exec steamengine.exe. the thing is, i want to make a lan games. steamengine.exe will totally needs internet connection as it needs steam.exe to be initialized and established. how do i? and how do i add bots?

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    which version did you download? becuase i have the emperio version and the shortcut was to dont need steam to use this version....well, technically, you do since you need a new account.

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    i deleted Steam.dll but still can play over lan, u just need to read the help file if u got the empiro version.
    Copy over the cracked files located in this directory to your to your installation
    directory and delete/rename the Steam.dll in your root directory of CS:Source.
    Make a shortcut from hl2.exe and add this behind it -steam -console -game cstrike
    Launch the shortcut to play!
    u need to right click on shortcut and add "-steam -console -game cstrike" after the target link(enter a space and then add thoes commands).

    and to add bots u need to open console (press "~" in game) and type Bot_add_ct, Bot_add_t or u can just type bot and press down arrow for list of bot commands like defficulty and weapon modes.

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    Maybe try the Luzcifer version if u don't have it. I heard it worked better.


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