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Thread: Make A .cue File...

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    How can I make a .CUE file for a .BIN?....I have been wondering that FOR AGES!!!

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    Originally posted by Firespite@27 March 2003 - 02:35
    How can I make a .CUE file for a .BIN?....I have been wondering that FOR AGES!!!
    just fireup notepad and make a document that look exactly like this just change the filename

    FILE "Rayman_3_Hoodlum_Havoc-FLT.CD2.DonkeyNL.ShareReactor.bin" BINARY
      TRACK 01 MODE1/2352
        INDEX 01 00:00:00
    this will work for most games however you have to know it won't work for all bins cause some bins have different block sizes(the 2352 ) and not all bins are burnt in mode 1.

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    CDMage also makes .cue files.

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