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Thread: I did a very stupid thing this weekend...

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    I was rebuilding my pc and I managed to delete all the files off one of my hard disks, this was from within windows I selected all the directories and held shift and then delete.

    This was all my movies/mp3s/digital camera piccys/savedgames etc etc etc


    Is there any way I can get these back, any programs people recommend?? I havnt done anything to the disk since deleting the files.

    Thanks in advance


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    Theres lots of programs out there for recovering data(GetDataBack for NTFS) for example....
    It helps that you havent written any more data to the disk as that would possibly overwrite any recoverable data...
    I couldnt recommend personally a data recovery program, but Im sure theres lots of people who can....

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    the best is
    ontrack easy recovery-
    if you can find a crk for it or pay

    here is a free easy fast program -
    (no install needed-u can run it from a floppy))-maybe its enough just using this one

    youll need a partition or a zip drive or other hardrive to transfer files - acronis partition magic

    edit just reread your post-id use ontrack since its so many files (itll be a pain in the ass undeleting them one by one
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    I did something simular with pics...and this prog found them and some files I lost...pc inspector
    I hope this helps


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