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Thread: FMA ended about a month ago

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    atiVidia's Avatar ^would've been cool.
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    what did you think of Full Metal Alchemist, if you kept track and watched the series?

    I personally cant wait til the movie (episode 52) because i didnt like the ending in episode 51.

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    yep, watched all the eps and it did end quite abruptly. all-in-all, i thought this series was pretty damn good. u got a link for the movie? i think i saw a video clip for the movie, but it wasn't really the movie. just scenes from the series...
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    I agree, i wasn't completely satisfied with the ending. They shoud've done it in a longer episode, there was too much information to cram into 25mins

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    Info about movie can be found at this FMA site:

    I also thought it ended rather abruptly, especially with the whole WWII thing.

    Perhaps the movie (movies?) will actually strive to take the series to the next level, and I read where the voice actors themselves were rather shocked at when it ended.

    I can't wait for the flick, and I really think it is one of the more original and creative shows to hit the air in a while.

    I mean episode 7 or episode 37, my two faves.

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