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Thread: Need A WebSite Desiner $300bucks

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    ok I am not shor if this is the right place but here I go

    I got a Xfrend of mine to make me a web site for about $300bucks

    now he came up with a logo i liked and sent me a small ver of it.

    now it was time for him to make a web site to and he started doing that and send me a screen shot of it so i cood tell him what slite things i wonted him to fix I the way we had a fell out as hapons with frends sum times i the way he is not doing the site now so i wonted to know if i showed sum web site maker here a screen shot of what was all raddy made if thay cood make it for me and may be make it beter and if u wont i will pay u the $300 bucks

    all so he sent me a small ver of the sites logo to see if i liked it but who ever dus this wood need to be abull to look at the small logo and make a big ver of it by inlarging it in there mind and makeing it them self

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    can u post the people know what they're getting into.

    or just pm it to me i'll take a look.

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    Why not just go to some place like and get yourself a professionally designed template for 50-60 bucks?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haz
    Why not just go to some place like and get yourself a professionally designed template for 50-60 bucks?
    yeh, or u can get it free too.. there r many sites with good and free tempaltes.
    300 bucks is way too much unless the xfrind is coding and has working scripts, if his just making templates then its way too much.
    btw Content manegment softwares r good too, u get many needed thing wth it.

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