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Thread: What is Fastracker?

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    There are people here that are talking about Fastracker. What is that?

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    Joakim Agren's Avatar Superman loves P2P
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    Oct 2003

    Dont you mean Fast Track??

    That is the genuine network protocol itself that is used by Kazaa MD and Lite and some other clients!.

    It basically is what is referred to as the Kazaa network but the true name of it is Fast Track and it was developed by a Swede!.

    Sincerely Joakim Agren!

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    no I think he's talking about a tracker made by some members here, I was there about 6 hours and left.

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    It was said here:

    whole trend about it here:

    image sig here
    from him

    Still no idea what it is really other then a tracker made by some members here. Is there a website or trend?


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