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Thread: 2 problems in XP

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    On my computer in this shared house, I recently have had two problems:

    1. The Hybernate mode does'nt work. I click Hybernate and it just shoots back to the desktop (left on for hours and nothing happend..also restarted of course)

    2. The Shutdown option is very slow (hardly anything is open..already ran defrag..etc etc.)

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    what programs do you have open before shutting down?
    I have pretty much nothing open and my shutdown is really slow only because of folding@home.
    i find that if i close it before shutting down then i shut down in about 15 seconds.

    no idea about hibernation though.
    it never worked on for one of my computers. On that one trying to boot it after hibernation it just freezes on startup so it's kinda pointless (you then have to boot normally and that defeats the whoole purpose of hibernation).
    and on this computer i cant even enable hibernation.
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    I presume it depends on the motherboard you have (to hibernate) and it it allows suspension and as for the shut down search on for "FASTER SHUTDOWN" and i think that'll slove it for you


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