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Thread: Nero 5

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    I have Nero 5 (not from Kazaa).
    When I try to burn disc to disc, the process freezes at around 2 - 5%.
    I was advised to switch off all items in start-up, so I did. Problem is still the same. It's a real pisser.

    Any ideas folks?

    (Also, is it possible to download and run, say Adaptec for example, without uninstalling Nero or would this cause problems?)

    Look forward to hearing from youz.

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    Are u getting any error messages, possibly the disc is too scratched to read and its causing errors???

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    Nope - nothing. It just completely freezes and the pc has to be rebooted. The cds are all brand new - I've even tried different packs to make sure there wasnt a factory flaw in them.

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    This might sound obvious and/or stupid but have you tried downloading all the updates/plugins from the ahead website?HERE

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    I know that there was a major flaw with Win 9x (and ME) with Nero, hence the update to As of today, however, is available, which should fix your problem.

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    HELL-you will be too_$oon enough
    I would do a clean install instead of just updating


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