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Thread: Outgoing E Mail Being Sent ?

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    my norton antivirus keeps scanning outgoing e mail that i'm not sending? did a full scan but nothing ? deleted all my outlook address info and uninstalled msm messenger . This all started on april 1...must have a virus, but can't detect .(xp pro, zone alarm pro , norton 2003)

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    u must have OE on an automatic send and recieve everytime u open it theres an option somewhere then to turn it off whats happening is nav scans your putgoing email before u send it but bcause its on auto send recieve it does it straight away

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    You dont have a virus, it's a feature of noton antivirus. This is so a virus doesent send itself to everyone in your address book without you knowing. You can disable it by clicking options, goto email, uncheck scan incomming email and scan outgoing email. You might want to leave them checked though.

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    u could also have spyware running on your machine.

    Maybe get something like 'Pest Patrol' to scan for such loggers etc.

    Norton does not pick these up and there are many lurking on p2p for download.


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