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Thread: World Of Warcraft (Best Game Ever)

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    I think it is very possible WoW is the best game ever made

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    ....thats crazy talk....
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    i played it... its not that good... there's a lot more MMORPG that are free and pretty much the same and/or more fun than WoW

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    13.50 a month is totally killer if it was less like 10 like it was originally though it wouldve been the best

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    Quote Originally Posted by learncracking
    13.50 a month is totally killer if it was less like 10 like it was originally though it wouldve been the best

    So right now its a shit game but if the game saved you $4 a month its the best game ever.

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    hmmm... i hate paying monthly after what ive been through with Ragnarok online.
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    I play World of Warcraft, and it's $19.99 for me.

    It's worth it though. I've actually *saved* money. Even though the server problems are getting a little old...

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    Everquest 2 > World of Warcraft

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    Yea paying kind of sucks but its my first massive online roleplaying game so im in love lol you really think that everquest 2 is better??

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