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Thread: Usage Limit

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    Is a 30GB limit a month for a 1Mb/s connection good or bad?

    I download/seed the odd game now and again but nothing too heavy. I've no idea how much regular browsing/game playing takes up tho
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    13.5GB is your max you could do per day. Just over 2 days of full downloading. A month of browsing will take up like 300mb. Online gaming depends on what game.

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    I wouldn't want a cap.

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    Caps suck Good ole' Rogers just capped me at 60gb per month

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    Rofl i've upload/downloaded 82GB this month , and my isp hasnt done shit lol.

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    Looks like I'm stuck on 512kb/s for a while to come.

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    I don't have a cap ,but pay more if I go over 10gb download and 3gb upload . It's the uploads that kill me .


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