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Thread: Upgrading iMacs?

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    I have recently bought an iMac from ebay and woud like to know if upgrading the processor is the same sort of thing when compared to a pc? Also, where would it be the cheapest from? About 2Gb... Thanks

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    on something.
    With regards to taking it apart and putting it together again it shouldn't be much trickier.

    At least that's what a couple of mac-people I know are insisting on, one even said that macs were simpler to work with.

    The parts aren't as easy to come by tho', and they cost more since the market is smaller.

    What model iMac is it, exactly?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnnY
    The parts aren't as easy to come by tho', and they cost more since the market is smaller.
    right. SOMETIMES it is possible to get a cheaper PC part and flash it with Mac-compatible firmware, but Macs are still often very fickle about what non-"Apple-approved" parts they'll actually detect & use correctly. most reliable bet is to use parts advertised as Mac-compatible, and as a rule those are more expensive than PC parts.

    as for the market size determining the price, i have seen quite a few instances where a company sells a Mac part which is identical to a PC part that it also sells, the only difference is the firmware, and the Mac part is more expensive. market size determines price, i guess, but often it's just because companies realize they can charge higher prices to Mac users, rather than the actual cost of production being any higher.
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    all I can find is something like this off of newegg...I dont think thats it though
    [SIZE=1]AMD 4200 X2 @ 2.65Ghz, ASRock 939-VSTA
    1.75GB PC3200, 2 X 160GB Seagate w/ 8MB Buffer
    HIS Radeon X800 Pro, Antec Super Lanboy Aluminum

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    I own a iMac and you cannot upgrade the processor on them!!

    You can upgrade HD and RAM thats it!!

    No graphic card upgrade nor processor upgrade!.

    But this does not mean they are bad machines in the contrary they have great performance!!. Often you dont need to upgrade them(except HD and RAM,standard PC components will work) they will do for 3-4 years before becoming obsolete!.

    Which version of the iMac do you have?
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