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Thread: Server Troubles

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    asmithz's Avatar Hi-Definition
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    Jun 2003
    Got a new server from LayeredTech. The thing is that I set it up as a RedHat 9. I am not experanice at all really with linux. I want to be able to remote from my Windows Xp server. Can anyone Help?

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    You probably want something like tightvnc, and you may prefer ultravnc for the windows end.

    This is hardly a hardware problem, so I'm moving it to a more appropriate location...
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    Jan 2003
    If you want to be able to remotely monitor your linux box i would defiently install something like webmin. its ideal for you and does not mean you have to run cpu intensive things such as x windows just to be able to make simple changes.

    tightvnc is probably overkill and will look like shit unless you have a decent connection.


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