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    I know & has been a subject before, but i have a question.

    I've never been to this site, but is it as bad as i hear?
    Is it worth going to the site?
    Is it something everyone has to see, or do you wish you hadn't gone to the site?

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    Infested Cats's Avatar Mike Victory
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    I've studied both sites, and, once you get used to it, its really not that bad.
    If you can get used to dead babies, and head traumas... then you'll be fine...
    ...keep in mind, its much (MUCH) more than just those two topics.

    The pictures are gross, but its nothing you havent seen on TV (lol).

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    Are you people crazy going to those sites, or even those people who makes those sites? You would have fun seeing rotten and hideous pictures?

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    try this one

    Consumption Junction

    fixed... sorry

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    That link is to netstar search engine.
    Not very

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    Those sites are sick and twisted.

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    I went to those sites years ago, nasty stuff.

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    Nasty morbid stuff, not exactly feel-good sites, for sickoes only.

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    Ogrish and Rotten are okay if you like that sort of thing. I prefer a bit of variety myself and I reckon these two sites offer just that. But looking at gore is a bit old hat now, I'm compiling a selection of Gun Camera and Smart Bomb footage at the moment. That never fails to make me smile!! If anyone knows of any sites with that sort of stuff on could you post it? Thanks.
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    its like but updated alot more

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