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Thread: HOSTEdit

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    Aug 2003
    HOSTEdit allows fast manipulation of the Windows HOST file.
    Block sites, adverts, and hostile IP addresses. Redirect requests to any site to any IP address.
    Originally created to allow myself and other network administrators to quickly change the HOST file on a large number of systems fast.


    -HOST file creation and manipulation
    -Backup and resort your HOST files
    -HOST combining
    -Duplicate checking and saving
    -Formatting and comment removal
    -Import from HOST file
    -Generate Windows HOST file

    Download Link:
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    I actually wrote my own program (in java without a gui ) but its pretty good. THe only reason why i wrote it was because I couldnt find a good enough HOSTS editor..

    But this program still doesnt meet my requirements... Lol.

    EDIT: Although, I gotta say this program is really good. At lot better than a whole bunch of other programs Ive tried.

    EDIT: They need to work on their algorithems for spacing and removing comments. It didnt remove all my comments and if your HOSTS file is wierdly spaced, it doesnt correctly reformat it like it suppose to.
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