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Thread: try to Signup

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    i try to signup to but i need to fill up Ticket Number: someone known what to fill up

    edit- this site has requested that nobody post their URL. thanks
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    It looks like some kind of invite system so this would be a one use only number. Are you sure that this site is up? Because it says "under constuction".
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    *** We want to remind all of you that it is NOT allowed to post any links to this site anywhere. We are an invite only community and we care about the safety of all our users (and our own). By posting links to FSC you are endangering yourself and other users. Members who do post links to FSC will be ip banned immediately. If you happen to see a link to FSC posted anywhere please contact one of our staffmembers. Thnx. Youccef. ***
    this site requests nobody put out their URL is for security measures
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